Research Interests


Past and Current (Ongoing) Research Areas

Social Equity

My main  research interest lies with the issues associated with social equity. 

I am particularly focused on socioeconomic status (SES), or social class.

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Representative Bureaucracy

Connecting to social equity, I am interested in finding out how bureaucrats' own socioeconomic background (both past and present) associates with the interactions they would have would their clients from the same or different SES. 

Would bureaucrats have a stronger willingness, level of empathy, and intensity of effort if their clients are from the same SES group?

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Citizen Satisfaction

I am interested in how public services and policies are affecting citizens and whether these public goods are satisfactory to all SES.

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Child-related Policies

My heart places children and their well-being in a special place. I am especially intrigued in finding whether policies that are ought to protect children are actually efficient and whether those policies are working. 

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Mixed Methodologies

I am devoted to not only find empirical findings of a research puzzle, but also to investigate the why and how aspects to what I (anticipate to) find. I desire to seek beyond numbers and asterisks, truly attempting to find out the behind story.

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